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About Us

About Us

It is our goal to help you get the best help. With over 12 years of experience, aims to provide its clients with an efficient, quick, effective and personal service. Its personnel is dedicated to providing a service of the highest professional and ethical standards and to keeping up with the latest legal developments worldwide with the aid of the latest information technology.

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Our Mission: Provide quality legal service to the society, with an emphasis on value & client satisfaction

Our Vision: To be a leading law firm in India with international operations

Quality Policy: Quality in our service and integrity in our conduct are both non negotiable

We fight for you

Our No. 1 goal is to see that your rights are protected. People are often charged with crimes, and when they do not seek the legal council they are entitled to they often waive the rights they have without even knowing that they are doing so. You have rights and we want to protect those rights. A Lawyer attorney will seek to have your rights protected.

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Our approach towards our clients

Clients’ success
We work on the basis that if we help our clients to be succe...
Knowing clients’ businesses
We understand our clients’ businesses, industries and market...
Pragmatic approach
We have a commercial and pragmatic approach to advising clie...
Innovative solutions
We develop innovative solutions for our clients’ legal and b...

Practice Areas

We offer a wide range of legal services mainly Tax, Corporate Matters, Financial Affairs, Intellectual Property, Commercial Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation. Our Firm consists of a team of lawyers with experience across a full range of commercial areas, enabling us to provide you with an exceptional legal professional with the relevant skills to suit your business needs.



Our commitment to represent our clients to the highest standards is at the heart of everything we do...

Our Focus

Our focus is as simple, that we are deeply committed to the success of our distinguished roster of c...


Quality in our service and integrity in our conduct are both non negotiable


Pranav Singh
Pranav Singh
He is friendly, helping in nature and having charming personality . When we approach for an advocate its very important how much we can tune with him apart from his efficiency, sincerity, , professional experience, knowledge, willing to give his best for you and over the time I have realized he has all stuff.
Very knowledgeable has experience and exposure in various courts .Easily approachable to discuss the various options available.Truly delivers results as informed.Very focused and hardworking.Excellent

Our Lawyer

Our lawyers all share a vision to deliver legal services in a more innovative and progressive way in order to meet the needs of our business clients. The Law Firm boasts a long and solid experience in handling legal matters. The key to our success lies in the skill and experience of our people. The Law Firm has created an extensive worldwide network of more than 100 external partners, attorneys, associates, law firms and other advisors.
Kapil Dixit, LL.M
Kapil Dixit, LL.M
Contact Number: +91 9900680001
R.B Jagadish
R.B Jagadish
R.B Jagadish Advocate, a leading Divorce Lawyers in Bangalore and is having a full-service law firm offering consultatio...


Reshaping Labour Law
24 Jul

The Government of India has duly introduced Labour Rules of India (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules 2015”) through a gazette notification on 15th September 2015. In order to carry out the purposes of the Labour Act 2006 (hereinafter re...

24 Jul

Social networking on sites like Facebook has its advantages and one major disadvantage. While sharing in your friend’s lives can be rewarding, sharing your own life in its entirety on Facebook can put you at a great legal risk. It can be a ...

24 Jul

Charges of theft cover a wide range of criminal activity involving taking something that is another person’s property. If you have been charged with theft, it is important to know what you are up against so that you can better deal with the...

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