Our Practices

follow We offer a wide range of legal services mainly Tax, Corporate Matters, Financial Affairs, Intellectual Property, Commercial Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation. Our Firm consists of a team of lawyers with experience across a full range of commercial areas, enabling us to provide you with an exceptional legal professional with the relevant skills to suit your business needs.


Marriage, Family and Adoption

go site Family Law covers a broad area of law practice, such as family structure issues like marriage, divorce and adoption, plus other matters of concern, including abuse and domestic violence. As society changes, new laws have been added that deal with rights, relationships and same-sex partnerships.


Alternative Dispute Resolution


follow url To combat the ever-increasing cost of litigation, KDC attorneys have extensive experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) services. Comprised of litigation veterans and former members of the judiciary, KDC attorneys have a record of obtaining efficient and cost effective resolutions to sophisticated and complex matters.


Criminal, Cheque Bounce and Cyber Crimes


http://www.maison-angelot.fr/?chronological-order-of-research-paper If your personal information has been stolen from your computer, a cyber crime lawyer will strive to stop the damage done to you, investigate and identify the culprit, and save you from further victimization.



The work itself can involve a mix of administrative law, legislative advocacy, compliance, and litigation. Land use and zoning regulations might also be part of an environmental practice.


Direct Tax

The Direct Tax team comprising lawyers and chartered accountants, many of whom have multiple qualifications, offers a comprehensive array of tax advisory and litigation services for businesses and organisations in various sectors.


Indirect Tax

The Indirect Tax team undertakes advisory, compliance and litigation exercises across the entire gamut of indirect tax laws.


Human and Animal Rights

It is true that other animals are less intelligent than humans and lack our mental-physical skills and our capacity for culture and conscience. But this is no justification for abusing them. Just as we do not sanction the abuse of humans – such as babies and disabled people – who lack these highly developed capacities.

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Civil, property and Debt Recovery

Legal Practice understands the practical effects of participating in a legal dispute. For companies, legal proceedings can be a time consuming exercise which causes significant disruptions to the workflow of your business.For individuals, a legal dispute can become a costly and stressful exercise which may result in an emotional turmoil.


Constitution and Public law

The principles of administrative and constitutional law govern the manner in which government interacts with its citizens, both individual and corporate. They exist to ensure that the powers of government are exercised solely within legal bounds. A clear understanding of how governments operate is often critical to succeeding in today’s world.


Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is everyone’s right. We all have a right to knowledge about the goods and the services that they are purchasing. But too often businesses try to manipulate the market by failing to disclose the whole truth about the products they sell, or the services they provide.


Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Practice Committee includes a group of law firms and attorneys having a focus on all aspects of intellectual property law. The IP Practice Committee was organized to foster collaboration with its members, and to provide a resource to other non-IP NAMWOLF attorneys and law firms as well as a resource for corporate counsel desiring opportunities to work with NAMWOLF firms on IP-related matters.



Immigration law is divided into two basic tracks: Family-based immigration is the process by which an individual is sponsored for permanent residence in a foreign country by a spouse, parent, or other qualifying family member. Business immigration is the process by which individual can obtain temporary or permanent residence in a foreign country on the basis of employment, self-employment, or investment.


Industrial and Labour

Our activities in the area of labour and industrial law cover all aspects of labour, industrial and social security law. We not only draft and revise agreements and regulations or represent our clients in courts and before public authorities; we also draw upon our extensive expertise in order to advise them in individual cases and on matters of operational relevance.



The term “insurance law” encompasses a very broad range of services that law firms provide to clients in connection with insurance coverage disputes and other insurance-related matters. Clients include individual and corporate policyholders, insurance companies, reinsurers, and brokers.


Traffic and Accident

An accident can happen anytime, anyplace, and result in serious or fatal injuries. If an accident has happened to you or a loved one.The physical, emotional and financial stress that follows a serious accident is often overwhelming. As your attorney, my goal is to provide you with the efficient and effective results you deserve.



The admiralty and maritime practice involves all aspects of legal work relating to marine activities. This includes litigation, commercial transactions, and non-litigation counseling, as well as regulatory work before federal and state agencies. Firms with litigation caseloads generally represent clients in matters involving collision, personal injury, cargo loss, workers’ compensation, maritime commercial disputes and insurance coverage relating to inland marine vessels, oceangoing vessels, passenger vessels, drill rigs, and other offshore equipment.


Media and entertainment

Lawyers working within and for media and entertainment clients may seem like the rock stars of the legal world, but they have to be persistent and versatile to succeed. Among the different types of client are performers; their managers and agents; the creators of artistic works; the owners of theatres and festival grounds; broadcasters and publishers, distributors and advertising agencies; and the big brands that employ celebrities to endorse their products.



Sports law is both a specific branch of the law and one that touches on all other areas of the law.
With specialised lawyers in various related practices as well as specialised sports lawyers with extensive experience in this area, PLMJ provides not only a multidisciplinary and cohesive approach but also one that is tailored to the legal issues specific to sports issues and to sportsmen and women.


Muslim personal

The Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act was passed in 1937 with the aim to formulate an Islamic law code for Indian Muslims. The British who were at this point in time governing India, were trying to ensure that Indians be ruled according to their own cultural norms. When it came to distinguishing between laws made for the Hindus and those for the Muslims, they laid out the statement that “clear proof of usage will outweigh the written text of the law” in the case of Hindus. For the Muslims on the other hand, the writings in the Quran would be of foremost importance.



A Notaire is a public officer who operates in every area of law including family, property inheritance, asset, company law, countryside law, local authorities, etc.
He acts on behalf of the State and is appointed by the Minister of Justice, and the fact that an instrument is drawn up by a Notaire is a guarantee of its legality and authenticity. All this means that the Notaires are vested with prerogatives of official authority which they receive from the State.